Achievements – Sensei Lee Latchford Evans

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt RSK and IMAF kickboxing.
  • MAI (Martial Arts Illustrated) Hall of Fame Award 2014 for Outstanding Achievements In The World of Martial Arts.
  •  Hugely successful band member of  British pop group Steps, receiving many global awards.
  •  Qualified Personal Trainer.
  •  Founder of successful online fitness magazine, Famouslyfit.

Lee Latchford-Evans was born on 28th January 1975 in Chester and raised in a small Northern town named Ellesmere Port. He began his training in Martial arts at the age of 8 after watching the original karate Kid movie.

I was hooked and just wanted to be like him, so after nagging my parents they found a club nearby and I started learning all the disciplines of Shotokan Karate.

Lee studied for many years and was training for his Black belt before moving away to Dance and Drama college. In his early teens Lee also tried Judo and Boxing (Very briefly) but none of them gave him the passion he felt for Karate.

Today Lee is better known for being a member of the hugely successful pop band ‘Steps’ and upon leaving the North for the South, training in Musical Theatre, Dance and Drama his Martial Arts had to take a back seat.

Lee couldn’t leave it too long though and as luck would have it a Karate class started at his local gym. Lee signed up immediately and began training again in Bukonkai Karate. He quickly progressed through his gradings, but the class stopped and the club moved too far away for Lee to continue.

A big believer in fate and not long after his karate club moving, Lee met Dave Gentry a 6th Degree Grand Sensei in Martial Arts who introduced him to kickboxing. Not sure about the boxing element involved, Lee decided to give it a go and hasn’t looked back since. He is now a 2nd Degree Black Belt at RSK and a senior instructor.


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Rock Solid Kickboxing

At Rock Solid Kickboxing, our professional teaching approach aims to give you all the knowledge and training to excel in kickboxing not only as a sport, but as a self-defence and life skill.

– Sensei Dave Gentry