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Our Packages

Adult Courses

Adult Courses

RSK Kickboxing Course
  • £55 Joining Fee (includes trousers, RSK T-Shirt and White Belt)
  • License and 1 Years Insurance
  • £10 per class or £50 per month for unlimited classes

£ 50.00/1 Months

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Junior Kickboxing

Junior Kickboxing

RSK Little Rockers
  • £45 Joining Fee (includes trousers, RSK T-Shirt and White Belt)
  • License and 1 Years Insurance
  • £7 per class or £40 per month for unlimited classes

£ 40.00/1 Months

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Courses
  • £45 per class
  • Classes held at RSK Dojo, 33b Swakeleys Road, Ickenham, Middx. UB10 8DG
  • Discount for block bookings
  • Discounts for RSK students

£ 45.00/1 Months

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Stay Focused, Train Hard!

If you are looking for a great way to define the muscles of your upper body, try kickboxing. Although it may sound like kickboxing is only good for working the lower body, it is actually a healthy, strength-building activity for your whole body. In addition to being a strength- building exercise, kickboxing works the heart muscle and creates an aerobic effect. Kickboxing has traditionally been thought of only as a martial arts activity, but is becoming an increasingly popular form of aerobics and strength training.

With qualified and highly skilled instructors, Rock Solid Kickboxing classes are rated as one of the hardest and best.
Improve Your Diet
Stay Determined
Push Your limits

Anti Bullying


Rock Solid Kickboxing provides highly skilled and trained Martial Arts Instructors to visit schools and communities to teach students self defence techniques that will enable them to defend themselves. Our instructors highlight the dangers of being involved in street and knife crime and help the students to become aware of the effects of bullying towards others,emphasising and guiding students to lead a positive and respectful life, if we respect ourselves we will respect others!

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Rock Solid Kickboxing

At Rock Solid Kickboxing, our professional teaching approach aims to give you all the knowledge and training to excel in kickboxing not only as a sport, but as a self-defence and life skill.

– Sensei Dave Gentry